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Drive the change. 

Our new consulting services are here. 

The future is fast

So we have to work faster. EcoHomes LLC helps shape innovators.

This year, we are coming together in the spirit of evolution. As the world continuously changes, we want our clients to do more than survive or thrive. We want to drive the change. 


Learn from experts

Industry-specific services

Business Problem Solving 

Use different methods to solve business problems with: 

  • Customer Experience Strategies

    • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Process improvements 

    • LEAN methodologies ​

    • Change management strategies

  • Scenario Planning & Risk mitigation

    • SWOT & TOWS Analysis​

    • Theory of Change

Diversify Your Skills

Optimize your personal and professional growth with our variety of services:

  • Personal & Professional Development

    • Resume review & Interview Prep 

    • Personal Fitness Training Plans

    • Business Pitch Coaching & Prep

Building a Sustainable Business Strategy

Forecast and diverge into:

  • ESG Disclosures

    • Summarize sustainability frameworks ​

    • Conduct GHG accounting

    • Align corporate strategy with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals

Are you ready to do right and live better? 

Schedule your free consultation here.

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